Welcome to the Dugong and Seagrass Research Toolkit

The Challenge

Dugongs and seagrass are under threat from human activities. Systematic understanding of the overall status of dugongs and seagrass ecosystems across their range is hampered by inconsistencies in approaches to research, monitoring, data collection and reporting.

Robust information about the status of dugongs and seagrasses, and an understanding of the associated human communities is essential for management. However, there are many techniques and tools for collecting data and information, each with different costs and value for management and it can be difficult to determine the most appropriate approach to use without technical advice.

The Toolkit

This Toolkit will help you refine your research questions by asking WHAT information do you need and WHY do you need it.  The Toolkit will show you WHICH techniques are the most effective and efficient for your team capacity, budget and timeline. The Toolkit will also offer ways to engage with your local communities whose cooperation you need. The information gained will help understand threats to dugongs and seagrasses and help find solutions to those threats while improving the livelihoods of local peoples.

The Audience

The Toolkit is designed for use by marine natural resource managers (government and non-government), researchers and decision-makers undertaking dugong and seagrass research.

The Toolkit will also be useful to funding organisations enabling them to assess the appropriateness of the proposals they receive, given the scope of work and budget.